The right way for the greatness: Corinne Suter

Author: Jacopoghi
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During the career of the athletes, it’s possible to witness constant changes and evolutions; this happens regularly regardless if we’re talking about ski, football, motorsport etc. In this specific case, the progression signed by Corinne Suter, is one of the most important talent we have admired in the field of winter sports and, specifically, inside the women’s alpine skiing.

Since after the Olympics Games in PyeongChang in 2018, the career of the 27-year-old native of Svitto in Switzerland, is continued to grew step by step through an unbelievable work under the point of view physical and technical: since the year 2019, Corinne has demonstrated to have raised the bar hitting the silver medal in downhill and the bronze medal in super-g during the World Championship in Are.

A first extremely important signal, which found out continuity even in World Cup through important high notes with the first podium in Crans-Montana in downhill with the third place, and the fist victory in Altenmarkt-Zauchensee in the same speciality. The year of consecration was the following, the 2020, where Corinne won the crystal ball of downhill and that of super-g, to prove the fact that the speed of ski alpine had found an important gem in the landscape of the various talents which look out year after year spite a very complicated period of time for all of us for the pandemic.

In 2021, it continued her feeling with the World Championship: indeed, in Cortina d’Ampezzo, she won this time the gold medal in downhill, the silver medal in super-g, and in the last season during the Olympics Games in Beijing, she’s graduated Olympic Champion in downhill then go on to achieve the second place in the classification of World Cup of speciality of downhill won, as we all know, by our Sofia Goggia.

We’re talking about an impressive talent, of a persone extremely kind and determinated in and out of the track that knowing the right way to grow for catch up the next goals of t of a career that is still far from reaching its peak, considering the incredible room for improvement of this girl born in 1994. who is the main opponent of our diamond tips of the Italian nation. It’s so beautiful the abnegation with which she manages to give her best in these years, not only in every race but also in every training, in every session, in every test, which for her translate into something that goes beyond a job or a preparation, because for Suter it always represents an opportunity to demonstrate to herself that it can go farhter. For improving her skills. Again and again.

A beautiful sunshine for the ski alpine e for all the fans which following with passion this amazing sport and her aware that, the best, is yet to come. And talking about Corinne Suter, this is the perfect explanation as things stand.

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