Van Deer: the new Hirscher’s frontier

When a Champion (In this case a truly, Real, Champion), decides to hung up his skis on the wall, for sure he won’t stand by and watch for long time, but he’ll set his future outside at the same mood how he’ve led his career on the track and, when we talking about Marcel Hirscher, the entertainment is soon assured.

When in the last season we’ve seen King Marcel as forerunner in Kitzbuhël, beyond the real pleasure to see him again on the snow and beyond the awareness that event was also coordinated by the presence of a series of sponsors, the sensation was which Marcel, for his passion that made to become him the greatest alpine skier of all time, had in store something of important. And the premises of the eve were soon confirmed.

Since the last months when the new line of skis produced personally by Marcel Hirscher were launched on the market, they did a large noise that eveyone has heard loud and clear; when the GOAT, after his goodbye to Atomic, chip in this sector, the news is one to be explored in detail. The goal of Marcel is the same: win the World Cup, this time through the materials on the feet of his athlets.

An elegant logo with a deer, and tests which are goes so well during their first impact on the snow. Moreover since the first half of April, there was the first athlete which joined to the new Hirscher’s factory, and he’s Charlie Raposo, British ski alpine athlete who will be the first in the next world cup season. During the time, for sure, many other athletes’ll join with Van Deer, mostly if the impact will be positive.

Obiuvsly, everyone would have preferred to see Marcel again on the snow, but he always had clarify that he wouldn’t be back on track, but also this will be a fascinated chapter of his life that all of us will admire; we don’t find out nowadays the mentality of this champions, it’s absolutely the same even whareas in the other side of the track. When Hirscher (And certainly his family) does something, this last one will be done good. Win again and again, and time after time we’re pretty sure that his work will get fruits.

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