Kristoffersen and Van Deer together next year?

Author: Skirenn i Trysil – This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

Exactly one week ago, we have talked about the new Hirscher’s project: the new ski brand, Van Deer, personally managed by King Marcel and his family; roughly some hours later after that post, on internet it came out the rumour that Henrik Kristoffersen, the historical rival of Hirscher on the track for many years in the white intercontinental circuit, had done a some steps to joining in the next season with this new ski.

By the way, nowadays, there isn’t any official statements and obiouvsly until there’ll be this last one, we’re talking about just a “pour parler”, but this is a such important news because this chatting start to be interesting not just for the switching that for the norway athlete will be unbelieveble, but also for the dinamics into the “white circus” that, inevitably, would change. And a lot.

With Kristoffersen, Marcel Hirscher since his first year as a “constructor”, would present to the world his skis with one of the most important skier in the world, an authenic champion, true champion, and an advertising to all of us that this new ski’s factory wants absolutely act up a first actor role immediately. If Henrik will change his currently skis, Rossignol, for Van Deer will be for sure because this materials can gives him the tools to catch up the pre-established goals that always have always one and only one common denominator, victory.

As well as Kristoffersen, this join might be an authenic strong attractive for other athlets even di first level, so for Hirscher this “engangment” would traduce in a turning point at year zero, but maybe we keep to travel too soon actually, nowadays there isn’t any sign by Henrik, but talking about that it’s a very important think to do.

So, we wait and see that will happen but, for sure, in case this is one of the most important moves within in a chessboard that could trigger a top-level dominance effect into the ski alpine world.

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